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Dark Blessing

Wolf print

In the company of wolves

When the moon crests the hills
giving each tree a black pool-shadow
the wolves wade in the forest
wet themselves in the darkness
shake it from their fur
in clearings of light

their eyes are stars
their teeth comets
their tails galaxies
they are constellations of the night
they roam the universe

they run as Diana's companions
laugh as her silver arrows
and their iron teeth
harvest the hunt's bounty
they hide in her moon
cloud around her with breath

they are brave of soul
clear of eye and mind
they are strong of jaw
they are loyal-kind
they are keen to scent
quick to 'fend their kin
they are hot of blood
they are slow to sin

grey brown white black blonde
ear tail paw claw tongue
they play as a pack and they
melt together so that one
is part of all and all
become one

they prance through the forest
they track through the sky
they are noble in friendship
and single in thought
I join them in flight
I run in the company
of wolves

wolfbard (D. J. Sylvis)

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